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Are you:

  • Lacking in confidence at crucial times, like auditions or performances?
  • Watching your inner critic constantly take over, stopping you from giving your all?
  • Unsure about where your training is actually going to take you?
  • Preparing for auditions and don’t know where to start?
  • Wondering what a ballet career might look like for you? Where to aim for?

Dancers, let’s end the questions and start the action

Working in partnership, we'll talk strategies to improve confidence and gain perspective, set tailored short and long term goals and outline some possible career options for you based on your personal attributes.

Together, we’ll work to give you the clarity, confidence and direction you need to be your best dancer – and be your best self. You are far more than what your body does in the studio, and we need to recognise, celebrate and support this – we need to train you as a whole person.

Your program is tailored to your needs

It is a different combination of bespoke elements, created just for you. This might mean anything from talking through your backstage mind-game and helping you squash imposter syndrome, to crafting your CV and to masterminding your audition video. Because I’ve been where you are, I can quickly help you identify where you need a boost.

1:1 consultations

Levels of support

Perfect if you’re looking to clarify your goals and wanting some strategies to help you feel more confident, especially in high pressure situations like auditions and performances. 

  • 2x 50 minute consultations held via Zoom 
  • Goal Action Plan 
  • 2 tailored worksheets 

For those looking to optimise your training schedule, your mindset, and yourself as a whole dancer. A tailored program that will help you set goals, examine your beliefs about your dancing, and create the steps you need to be your best.  

  • 4x 50 minute consultations held via Zoom 
  • Goal Action Plan 
  • 4 tailored worksheets 
  • Fortnightly check-in emails 

An extensive support package for those who want to accelerate every aspect of their dancing life. Looking at your aspirations, your self-belief and your goals, you’ll learn where to direct your energy to maximise every opportunity. Capped at 20 dancers per year:

  • 9x 50 minute consultations held via Zoom 
  • Goal Action Plan 
  • 9 tailored worksheets 
  • Weekly check-in emails 
  • Unlimited access to me via Whatsapp for on-the-go support 
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Additional Deep Dive sessions:

These are stand-alone 75-minute sessions that can be added on to any level of service. They have a deep, singular focus and practical, results-driven aim. Think of them like a power Q&A session.

Audition Bootcamp

Need a CV? Want advice on what to wear, where to stand, how to present yourself? Have competing audition dates and need to choose where to go? Get the direction you need.

Mindset Reboot

In a slump and don’t know how to pick yourself up? All of a sudden can’t do a double pirouette? Feeling out of sorts with your teachers? Dig a little deeper and look at what might be going on. 

Parent Support

Parents – you are a crucial part of the puzzle. Feel like other parents know ‘it all’ and you’re out of the loop? Unsure about how to support your child? Need direction so that you can help them plan? Put aside the confusion and gain the knowledge you need to support your child with confidence.  

alice ballet mentor dancer

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