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Are you:

  • watching your inner critic constantly take over, stopping you from giving your all;
  • struggling to perform your best when it matters most?
  • frustrated because you want to improve your performance and mindset but the psychologists/counsellors you’ve worked with just don’t ‘get’ the ballet world?
  • wondering where all this training and rehearsing is actually taking you? 
  • wishing you knew how to shut down the self-doubt and JUST DANCE
  • or simply wanting to reach higher heights, in an informed and directed way?

Well hello. You're in the perfect place.

Working in partnership, we'll get you where you want to be.

Elite athletes don’t get to the Olympics on their own. They have a diverse team of professionals supporting their every move.

You should have that too. And I want to be on your team. 

Our work together focuses on what you need, now.

It is a different combination of bespoke elements, created just for you. Because I’ve been where you are, I can quickly help you identify where you need a boost.

For aspiring and professional dancers:

Working with me 1:1

alice Aschwanden ballet mentor dancer

1:1 consultations allow us to dive straight in – and find answers to your specific questions. Each session goes for 50 minutes, and is held over Zoom (so you can be anywhere in the world). I offer packages of three or seven sessions – it’s up to you.


  1. 👋 Before you commit, you click on the link below to book a free introductory chat
  2. 👌 After our chat, you choose your preferred number of sessions
  3. 🙌  We schedule them in and get started
  4. 👏 You learn to implement strategies to meet your needs
  5. 👌 You spend less time stuck in your head and more time actively pursuing your goals
alice ballet mentor dancer

Additional Deep Dive sessions:

These are stand-alone 75-minute sessions. They have a deep, singular focus and practical, results-driven aim. Think of them like a power Q&A session. They don’t start with an introductory chat: we’ll dive straight in.

Audition Bootcamp

Need a CV? Want advice on what to wear, where to stand, how to present yourself? Have competing audition dates and need to choose where to go? Get the direction you need.

Mindset Reboot

In a slump and don’t know how to pick yourself up? All of a sudden can’t do a double pirouette? Feeling out of sorts with your teachers? Dig a little deeper and look at what might be going on. 

Parent Support

Parents – you are a crucial part of the puzzle. Feel like other parents know ‘it all’ and you’re out of the loop? Unsure about how to support your child? Need direction so that you can help them plan? Put aside the confusion and gain the knowledge you need to support your child with confidence.  

alice ballet mentor dancer

Audition Roadmap

Want to dance better in high pressure situations? Then this is exactly what you need.

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