Positive mindset? Two may be better than one…

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you may have seen our recent post on not being alone in struggles as a dancer. When you’re having a bad day, it can seem like nothing goes right, and the frustration of a late bus, spilled coffee, or wobbly pirouette feels uniquely our own. On those days, it can be so easy to get inside your head and let your mindset switch to a negative one, which snowballs a few bad moments into a whole bad day that is not only frustrating but isolating. It can feel as though, of all the dancers in your rehearsal you are the only one who ever has bad days, that you are totally alone. But really, dancers are rarely alone! We take class together every morning, rehearse together and pride ourselves on our ability to be perfectly in tune with our peers in the corps de ballet.

Tyler Donatelli, a Huston Ballet Soloist, told Pointe magazine in 2019 that successfully dancing the Cygnets from Swan Lake took not only hours of rehearsal, but mutual encouragement between the dancers backstage, an understanding of the flow of the other three cygnets, and the same impression of what they wanted to accomplish as a group.

All this effort to be in tune with our peers means that your cohort can be your greatest asset when it comes to keeping a positive mindset and getting through a hard day. Beyond just one bad day, your cohort can help build the mindset and energy of your whole training experience which will flow on to the quality of your technique, training, and performance.
Is the culture of your dance studio one of complaining? Of trying to take shortcuts and being frustrated at your teachers? Or is it one of positivity, hard work and resilience? If it’s the first, don’t worry! Positive atmospheres rarely build themselves. For a group to have a positive mindset takes the dedication of every member of that group. We respond to our environments without even knowing it. This means that if your studio has laid the foundation of a positive mindset, then when one dancer has a bad day, they can lean on their peers to get back on track.
If you’re a teacher reading this, maybe you’re wondering how to foster that positive, resilient mindset in your classes. Why not try checking in with your students, asking them if they feel positively or negatively about class each morning and reach out to students who seem to be having a bad day.
If you’re a dancer, why not talk to one friend in your class about checking in with each other on good days and bad days and reminding one another of what is going well when days seem awful.
I’ve created the mindset masterclass, specifically for groups of dancers to learn together how to build confident, resilient and positive mindsets. Because dancers spend so much time together, every individual’s mindset affects the group. This means that working on them together is an effective strategy, not only to help the individual but your whole cohort of dancers. Together, you can understand healthy mindsets and support each other through challenging days and situations.
If you’re wondering how to supercharge your mindset knowledge, why not get in touch for a free virtual coffee, and we can chat more about what would suit you best.
Or, if you’re a studio owner, teacher or coach and would like to find out more about the Mindset Masterclass, why not get in touch here for more information?

"ACCELERATE changed so much for me in terms of my dancing and clarity about my future! I feel assured I am on the right track, and like I can "work smarter" with confidence that I can really do this"
Harper Banks
Dancer, Australian Ballet Education Program
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