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Hi, I’m Alice

I'm a ballet geek who tried, and failed, to put away her pointe shoes.

I trained in Melbourne, Australia, and at age 18, gained a professional contract with Alberta Ballet. Two years later I got itchy toes and decided to head on an audition tour to Europe, where I was offered a contract with Zurich Ballet.

I lived my dream. It was a lonely, exhilarating, beautiful ride – I danced all of the big ‘white’ ballets, toured the world and lived the highs and lows of elite performance. My career came to an end when my body eventually told me it was time to stop.

I kept my passion for ballet in the years that followed, heading to university to complete a Bachelor of Arts (psychology) and a Master of Social Work (counselling). I taught ballet, pilates and barre, alongside becoming a policy advisor in the education sector.

But throughout all of this, I just couldn't let go of the part of me that was ballet. I'd had my professional time - why not let go?


I came back to work in ballet because when I was training and dancing professionally, I felt like every decision was a stab in the dark, and I don’t want that for you. I now know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

When I was dancing, I knew how to approach a fondue exercise, how to improve my arabesque line and how to strategically hide my petit-allegro. But I didn’t know how to contain my nerves side stage, how to stand out in an audition and where to set my sights for my future.

I want you to know how to use your mind so that it works with your body. I want you to be armed with the tools to perform your best at every audition. I want you to be looped in on the latest industry knowledge so you know where to set your career goals.

My quest

Ultimately, I want you to skip the part where you waste precious time, energy and money because you’re not sure about how to optimize your training, or how to maximise your opportunities.

Working with dancers brings me back to my natural home – a place where I’m following my dream of helping others follow theirs.

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